How to create a budget with fixed annual income and expense amounts?


I am the treasurer for a residents association. I am given a budget at the beginning of each year to provide a guide for spending and income in various categories. At the end of each month, I am required to submit a report of how much of each category's budget has been spent. I cannot find a way in Quicken reports or budget planning to establish such a report. For example, "Meeting Refreshments" has an annual budget of $700. As of today, we have spent $317. I would like to show a report that would reflect the amount spent thus far, along with the amount left to spend for that and all other categories. Any advice?


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    If you have set up the budget amounts in the Planning / Budgets tab for each category, then I would say that the Historical Budget Report, set to Interval: Year, should give you the numbers you are looking for:
    Actual Income/Expense, Annual Budget, Difference between the two, by Category.

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