No sync in existing file after creating a new file with different online accounts

Dave1234 Member ✭✭✭
25+ year quicken user. I've been downloading transactions for decades. Currently using HB+Rental, R50.8. I have 11 online financial institutions connected, with 18 accounts spread across those institutions. Some are EWC+ and the rest are EWC.

Recently, I created a second quicken file for a family member. Still using my Quicken ID. This family member has accounts at some of the same financial institutions as I do (i.e., Bank of America and Schwab) - they connected effortlessly, and transactions were downloading just fine.

However, when I switched back to my own quicken data file, NONE of my own accounts would download any new transactions (no errors, except for PayPal Credit, but that's another issue entirely). After resetting the connections with all my financial institutions, things are working again as expected.

I am not using Moble/Web sync.

It just seems oddly coincidental that I broke all ability to download transactions from all of my accounts when I created a new quicken file with different accounts.

Is this literally just a coincidence, or is this expected behavior, or should this not happen?
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