How to merge data from one account into a new one

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My Union Bank account was taken over by US Bank. I downloaded some transactions from my new US Bank account and it created a new Quicken account. I would like to move all the transactions from my old Union Bank account into the new US Bank account but it won't let me do it, and it says "I cannot move pass payments, or printed checks to other accounts." Can this be done or do I just have to start fresh with a new US bank account?


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    In the event of a bank merger, I would suggest that you leave the old bank account alone, to preserve its history.
    Use the new account for all new transactions after the merger date.
    Edit all scheduled reminders which point to the old account to make them use the new account instead.

    There should be one final Transfer Balance transaction which moves the remaining old account balance to the new account and results in the old account's balance now being $0.00

    If downloading from either bank somehow created duplicate transactions, identify and delete those duplicates. You want to be able to reconcile the old account to the final bank statement at a $0.00 balance. And you want to be able to reconcile your new account to the first monthly statement ending balance.

    Be sure the old accounts have been deactivated from downloading, reconciled to the final closing statements and (optionally) marked closed in Quicken.
    Once you are done moving all activity to the new account(s), you can rename all old bank accounts to mark them with a "zz-" prefix (Windows users can use a "~"(tilde) symbol instead). This will move the old accounts to the bottom of any popup selection lists, making it less likely for you to select an old account by mistake.

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    Thank you for your answer. I'm sure it's right but when I talk to the customer support people at Quicken, they were completely unaware of this and we waisted a lot of time with me trying to move accounts when it really was unadvisable.
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    One additional small point: when you mark the old account as closed or hidden, it will not be included in any register searches you do in the Banking, Cash or Savings group account register. If you are searching for a transaction that might be in a closed/hidden account, be sure to do your search in the All Transactions group register, which will include the hidden accounts.

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