How can you download transaction from Merrill going back more than a year

AfyDafy Member

How can you download transaction from Merrill Lynch, I have setup a webconnect and it dowloads transactions from 90 days back, but I need to download it from the start when I setup the account at Merrill, how can I do that.


  • jtemplin
    jtemplin Member ✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, you can't go earlier than 90 days. That's all Merrill makes available for Quicken download. It's Merrill that decides this, not Quicken.

    If you log into your Merrill account, on the Accounts tab, select Download Account Data.

    If you then select "Quicken" for the download format, you again can only get 90 days. However, if you choose "Spreadsheets and text" you can go back 2 years. But getting that format into Quicken isn't easy.

    I wish I had better news.

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