Just archived and now multiple problems


I just archived several years worth of data, and cut my file down to 2020 and newer. Once I did that, I lost all of my passwords for my One Step Update. I re-entered them and tried again, but my Capital One account locks up Quicken when I try to connect it. I've tried every way I can to add it, and it always locks it up. I did download them from Capital One, but it downloaded a bunch I already had, so I had to delete those too..and that didn't fix my automatic downloads. Is there any way to fix the One Step Update so it doesn't lock up and require me to End Task in the Task Manager?? Thx!!


  • Snowman
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    Hopefully you made a backup of the file before you did the archive. Restore that file backup file. If you are archiving to save disk space do not bother. It can cause more problems and it not worth it as you are finding out. My Quicken file is 100Mb in size and is not slow at all. If you file is very large and slowing down I would guess you have a large number of attachments in your Quicken file. That is not a good idea either. It is best to store attachments as pdf files outside of Quicken.

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