Merging Two Accounts

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How do I merge credit card, same bank, same number but I have 2 different setups.


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    Let's make sure I understand the question properly. By "2 different setups", you mean you have somehow created two accounts for the same credit card. These would appear as two accounts under Credit Cards in the sidebar. Each of these accounts has some, but not all, of the actual transactions that belong in the account. Do I have that right?

    If so, then here's what you should do:

    1. Make a backup of your file saved in a safe place that you can revert to if anything gets messed up.
    2. Open the account settings for each account and check for a Download tab. See if one or both accounts are connected for download. If only one, that's the one you're going to want to keep. If both, then choose the one with fewer transactions, and on the Download tab, disconnect the account (Account B).
    3. Identify any transactions in the account you are NOT keeping (Account B) and drag them to the other account (Account A) in the sidebar. This will move these transactions into Account A.
    4. Account B should now have only transactions that are already in Account A. You can now delete Account B. (Right click on the account in the sidebar and choose Delete.)

    The key here is that you can move transactions from one account to the other by dragging and dropping them to the other account in the sidebar.

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