Memorized Payee List color change

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Someone else posted this earlier but didn't get an answer, and the thread has been closed.

When entering transactions in the register, my memorized payee list has changed to have white lettering on a blue background (see below). I have made no changes to my settings. What caused this and how do I correct it?


  • UKR
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    Can you show a larger view of what you're seeing to include some of the surrounding columns, please?
    When I enter a new transaction into my banking register, both the Payee Name and the Category fields show me popup selection lists which look different from your posted image.

    What version and release of Quicken are you using (R xx.xx from Help / About Quicken)

  • CarolF
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    Today an update installed when I logged in, and the problem resolved itself.

    I am now using version R50.13

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