PNC Download Issues - The Fix

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The new connection method required the renewed certification of PNC accounts within Quicken. It takes you to a screen where you acknowledge to PNC each of the accounts you want reported to the third-party, Quicken. Once you check off the accounts and return to quick, Quicken stages an alignment of the PNC accounts presented by PNC vs. those within Quicken. This is where the trouble exists. Quicken does not enable you to pick and choose which Quicken account aligns with with the accounts offered by PNC. The options are grayed out or mis-aligned leading to downloading transactions into the wrong Quicken account. I tried multiple times to reset the online service without success. Finally, I took the drastic action of closing all PNC accounts in Quicken and opening new ones -- a very messy process but that fixed the problem.


  • jbondi
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    My PNC Quicken account is already set at Express Web Connect+. I guess I should leave this alone, right?

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