Fifth Third Bank Direct Connect Upload Limit?

Hadit Member ✭✭
Payment over $10,000 would not upload to 5/3 bank bill pay (Direct Connect). Attempted upload several times across two days beginning 6/13/23. Payment remained in "Send" status. Other smaller payments uploaded fine, so I decided to try breaking the $10k+ payment into 2 smaller payments which uploaded fine which leads me to believe 5/3 has a payment limit. I used different pay dates just in case this is a daily limit vs. a single payment limit. No doubt this is a well intentioned fraud protection measure but there is nothing about any dollar limits on payments on 5/3 website or in FAQs, customer service knew nothing which is usually the case when it comes to anything quicken related.
Any insight on 5/3 Quicken payment policies and restrictions will be appreciated.
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