Tax Planner shows marginal rate of 18%?

SomebodyInGNV Member ✭✭✭

The tax planner shows a marginal rate of 18% with taxable income of 89,402. There is no such marginal tax bracket. Within that range of taxable income for MFJ, the marginal rate is either 12% or 22%.



  • hmday
    hmday Member ✭✭✭✭

    I have the same problem. The marginal tax rate is shown as 27%. I'm not sure how this number was calculated. It is either 22%, 24% or 32%. Unless the net investment tax is figured in somehow. But even then, it would be 27.8%. Also, it is characterized as a tax on "salary," isn't it a tax on "ordinary income," (e.g., wages, social security, RMD, rental income, etc.) not a tax solely on salary or wages.

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