Multiple-column Excel data pasted into Invoice Description field populates subsequent fields


Bug Report: I track my time in Excel and paste a 2-column summary of my activity into the Description field in my Quicken H&B invoice. Unless I edit the data in the Description field to remove the tab or column characters, the data will automatically populate into the subsequent Hours, Rate and Amount fields. See image. It is not possible to delete the information that gets populated in those fields. The only solution I've found is to get rid of those tab or column characters. Usually, I can edit the data in the Description field after I've pasted it, or I can paste the data first into a text editor, to better see the tabs to delete them.

Here is the data I pasted into the Description field. The image shows how it appeared in Quicken as soon as I moved the cursor focus outside of the Description field. "Paste as plain text" doesn't seem to be the issue, as the tab characters appear to still be included:

Board 2h 19m
Marketing 1h 4m
Membership 3h 30m
Office Admin 29h 3m
Programs 3h 9m


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    I don't think, the programmers ever envisioned a cut-and-paste action like this within the Description field.

    My suggested workaround would be to create five predefined Invoice line items, one for each event type, with an appropriate Description and hourly Rate already predefined (saves typing later).
    When filling out the invoice, create 5 invoice lines and insert the number of hours using decimal fractions, e.g., 3 h 30m = 3.5

    If this invoice is going to be a recurring event, created every week, you can create a Scheduled Invoice Reminder. Every week, to create the new invoice, record the reminder. Select the "Form" button to open the Invoice data entry dialog and finish filling out the form.

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