Payroll transactions - all damaged with corrupted transfers (edit)

ddinwiddie Member ✭✭

I use Ver 50.8 Build on Win10.

On Jun 14th or 15th, 2023, a new release was downloaded. Just as a coincidence, I looked at an old payroll check transaction from Jan 2021 (I'm a bit behind). The check amount in the register was correct, but the details inside the transaction were not. When I added up the total of the details, I came up with a different check amount.

I backed up my file and then ran VALIDATE AND REPAIR FILE. I received the following recommendation for over 215 transactions relating to payroll "The following transaction(s) involving transfers appear to be damaged. You should delete them and recreate as appropriate." These transactions range from 2011 to 2022. I no longer have the original documents to record the transactions properly. What Quicken is recommending is wrong. These issues have never shown up before.

Am I the only one with this issue?

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