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I'm a Q4M user. When I search this forum, how do I hide Windows discussions from my search parameters? It's disappointing to click every link, just to find the one that applies to Mac users.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Here's the trick:

    1. Click the magnifying glass and enter your search term. Click Search.
    2. Click the Discussion button next to All. This will reveal advanced Filter options on the right.
    3. In the Categories box, type Quicken For Mac, then choose that option when it pops up.
    4. Checkmark Search Subcategories.
    5. Click the Filter button.

    You should now only see results for Quicken For Mac.

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  • UKR
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    Remember that the category is listed with each search result shown

    Even if you don't perform the filtering steps, you can always see the category before you click on the discussion to read details.

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