Issue connecting to Capital One

Sabrina G
Sabrina G Member ✭✭

I have Quicken for Mac. Ever since Friday, it's been unable to connect to my Capital One accounts. It says I have to reauthorize, but when I try, it says "an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Care Code: QCS-0400-6Details:
Parameter credentials must be specified for this request." The process I just went through took me to a browser, had me log in, see my accounts, and click authorize. And that's the error I get when I do that.



  • Gapeech123
    Gapeech123 Member ✭✭

    Hi Sabrina,

    I've had this intermittently in the past - had to disconnect them and reconnect. Fixed it instantly.

    Right click on account>account settings>download tab>disconnect account. Then just reconnect it like when you started.

    Hope that works for you!

  • Sabrina G
    Sabrina G Member ✭✭

    I already tried that. I get the same error.

  • GeneK22630
    GeneK22630 Member ✭✭

    Same issue not working at all.

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