Unable to Connect to any Canadian Financial Institution

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Quicken Version: Quicken Deluxe - Canada - Subscription
Previous Version of Quicken: Quicken Premier 2019 - US Edition

I had a Microsoft Money Plus (Sunset Edition) file with all my Canadian Accounts. I imported that file into Quiclen Premier 2019 - US Edition. I kept on getting an Error: You have exceeded the maximum number of datasets. Sometimes this error would go away after I closed the Error dialogue box and then I could see my data.

I chatted with Quicken Support who informed me that I would need to get a new subscription in order to work with this file.

So, I bought a new subscription and created a new Quicken account. I am now able to open the dataset I referred to above. However, I am unable to connect to any of my Canadian Financial institutions and download my transactions.

I contacted Quicken Support via Chat yesterday and they said they would need to escalate this issue. I've not heard back.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to address this?


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    It sounds like you've most likely got a an installation that is a mix of the two versions (USA and CND) of Quicken. I would try to doing a complete uninstall, then reboot the computer, and then reinstall the current Canadian version. Make certain you are installing the current Canadian version. Or, did you even uninstall the US version at all? You needed to do a complete uninstall, reboot, and then download and install the Canadian version of the software. You've left out many details that would be helpful to aid you in troubleshooting the issue.

    Also, can you elaborate a bit on the assertion "I am unable to connect to any of my Canadian Financial Institutions". Are you trying to use Web Connect or Express Web Connect. If the latter, Express Web Connect, then do you get a screen that shows you a list of the main (largest) Canadian financial institutions with their logos. The Canadian version should present that. What error do you get? At what point in the process does it "not connect".

    Also, I suggest trying to connect to the Canadian financial institutions in a brand new Quicken file that doesn't contain any of your historical data. Trying that as a test will help isolate whether your issue is related to your data file or to a program installation issue. I suspect it is the latter, but you should definitely rule the former. If you can connect accounts in a brand new Quicken file but not in the file with your historical data then a different approach is required.

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