Invoice and Payment register assignment


I have some rental properties that I track using Quicken. It has been working ok.

I just added a business register and was working with the Invoice Customize feature to create a new invoice layout for that business. That seems to be ok however, when I go into the new business register and test/post an invoice, it goes to the rental account register, not the new business register. Either This Quicken only allows one "business" or "Rental" invoice per subscription or I have missed a setup step for the new business account. Also, some of the changes I made to the new invoice layout, are showing up on my Rental Invoices.


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    In the New Customer Invoice dialog, the fields Layout and Business tag are what decides which customized invoice layout to use (you did create a a layout with a different name for the new business, didn't you?)
    and which business to assign the new invoice to. You did switch to the new business Customer Invoice account before starting the new invoice dialog?

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