Issues with Bank of America - all other states


I download transactions for a total of 4 accounts with Bank of America, 1 account with Raymond James and 1 account with Wells Fargo.

  1. all work correct during the week.
  2. however, at the end of the week when Bank of America doesn't load their system, there aren't any transactions from Bank of America on Monday.
  3. On Tuesday's Bank of America doesn't seem to connect but Raymond James and Wells Fargo connects without any issues.
  4. This happens about every other week. Each time I call Quicken and they deactivate all of Bank of America accounts and then reactivate them. This solves the problem for that week.
  5. Today it happens again. I decided to just deactivate and reactivate to solve the problem.

Any help on why this happens would be appreciated.

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