After June 20 Quicken Windows update, interaccount transfers not recording properly

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The latest update came in today. After letting it download, I went to record my reminders for payments to my 2 credit cards. their reminders have always been set up for monthly payment with estimates, and when they need action, i select them from the reminders from inside my checking account. i update exact amount of balance to pay, and pick a date sooner than their due dates. i then go to my credit card website and tell it there to pay out from my checking out to keep things in sync. i do not use Quicken online payment. the reminders are defined as transfers from checking to the credit card accounts.

after today's download of the latest Quicken release, when i went to record the reminders, only the credit card account side of the transfer got recorded, yet before i actioned the reminder, it was properly showing in both my checking and credit card accounts. after actioning the reminder, the transaction showed up only on the credit card account and the CATEGORY had the credit card acct listed as a same-account instead of showing the checking account as the transfer account. AND my checking account no longer showed the transaction at all. has happened to multiple reminder transfer transactions since the release update installed. when i look at FUTURE reminders now in my list, or in my credit card register, they all no longer show the checking account for the transfer. they all show the credit card account as a same-account transfer. they are now miscategorized. when i edit the reminders and re-select the checking account, they go back to being the credit card account name despite correcting them. when open the soonest reminder to edit, it says the checking account. when i close the reminder with OR without editing it, the reminder list shows the credit card acct. i have MANUALLY entered a checking account transfer to the credit card in my checking account and when it saves, i get a duplicate in the credit card acct, but still no transaction in the checking register DESPITE the fact that i had JUST typed the transaction IN my checking account register.

I can not get an accurate double-register transfer recorded at this point.

This was not happening yesterday. Validate File shows no errors.


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    just to clarify … which exact release R50.xx

    … Help —> About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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