Repeating manual check payments


Who remembers the good old days when you could schedule automatic repeating payments to any vendor using Quicken Bill Pay? Please comment if you think this feature should be added to Quicken Bill Manager.


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    That feature is available in Quicken Bill Manager … somewhat … and it depends on what your bank continues to support.
    All you need to do is set up an online bill as either Quick Pay or Check Pay and link a scheduled reminder to it so you won't forget. Then, every month, make sure the transaction executes on time, i.e., well before Due Date so Quick Pay can schedule the next payment with the vendor or Check Pay can print and mail a paper check early enough.

    If you want to fully automate the process, completely bypass Bill Manager. Let the vendor's computer system do all the work for you. Logon to the vendor's website once and set up their Autopay, APS, Direct debit, etc. service to make the current payment and all future payments on Due Date directly from your checking account.
    In parallel to that, in Quicken, every month when you receive notification of a new statement being available, record a regular Scheduled Reminder to keep track of your payments before they come due.

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