Correct Dates?


When I uploaded my data file to Quicken all the years on the transaction dates changed from "2000" to "1900" (2023 changed to 1923). Is there a quick way to correct this?


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    What type of file did you use to "upload" (import) transaction data into Quicken? QIF, QFX, QXF, other?

    If you imported using a QIF file do make sure that all the transaction dates in the QIF file specify a US date format with a 4-digit year, e.g., 06/22/2023
    Depending on settings in your Windows Date formats ("100 year window"), a date with a 2-digit year (6/22/23) may be misinterpreted as 19xx.

    Without knowing exactly what you did, "the quickest way" I can think of is:
    Restore your Quicken data file from a backup taken just before you imported your transaction data file.
    Edit (using Notepad or any other ASCII text edit program, not Word) your transaction file and change all dates to mm/dd/20yy.
    Save file and import again.

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