Merging Schwab Accounts

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I've had a Schwab account for 2 years. They had to set up a new account number to transition it from a Trust account to a new standard account. They are one and the same and I'd like to just merge them so I can have all my historical data. Instead I just set up a new account and downloaded the data. It created the new account properly but the old account still shows all the holdings.

When I hide the old account it changes my investment income for the year. If I don't hide it, the income is right but it doubles up all my total investments. So, my question is:

Could I have just changed the account number on my old account before downloading the latest data and would it have seemlessly merged the 2 accounts?

Thanks for any help.


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    See this FAQ post. Yes, the option to keep the same Quicken accounts by changing the account information could have been done. If you have a backup to restore, you can still go that route from the backup. Similarly, you could do the necessary deletions of accounts and transactions to get back to that point, and then try the other way.

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