Where to enter a password?


I have Quicken 2015 Deluxe for Windows and currently have windows 10. Today a smalll box appeared at the bottom right on my screen with a small red circle with the number 2. When I clicked on it a large box opened and aked for my password. There was no space or line to enter a password. I tried to just enter the password anywhere in the box, but nothing. I tried to close it by checking the X at the top. It disappeared and reappreard. After attempting to close it several times it finally was gone. However even though Quicken had already been opened, when I tried to make any entries (even just wanting to search) the little "ding" sounded. How do I get rid of that little message box? There is also a small box with "HELP".clicking that opens a larger, empty HELP box. No help!! Is there something tab on my keyboard that I may have inadvertenly given quicken a command that I am not familiar with. P.S. I have not downloaded any upgrades as I only use quicken to basically help print out reports and keep a record of payments made. Add manual entry. I do not download from my banks except for the monthly statements. Any help will be appreciated. GrandmaEM

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