New American Express Website

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After hours on the phone with Quicken and American Express here is what I discovered about the new AMEX website for Savings Accounts. (1) in order to use the new AMEX website you must update your AMEX credentials (both Username & PW), (2) once you do that you will no longer be able to connect Quicken for MAC directly to AMEX AND the Quicken file that you download from the AMEX website to update your balances and actions is not readable by Quicken for MAC. The net result is that the new AMEX website is incompatible with Quicken for MAC (not sure about the Windows version). No one at AMEX knows if this is just and oversight or if it is intentional (it is impossible to speak to directly to tech support at AMEX, much like at Quicken you have to communicate with an expert thru a layman). The remedy was to find someone at AMEX to restore my old credentials at the old AMEX website (note when you do this the new AMEX feature of using a phone based APP to review your transactions will no longer work). This is a short term solution because AMEX is migrating away from the old website. So this seems like an AMEX issue however I would hope that the folks at Quicken will use their leverage to inform AMEX of these issues because it will mean that manual entry is the only way to enter AMEX savings into Quicken for MAC once AMEX pulls the plug on the old website. So all of the money I pay for Quicken will be wasted for this key Financial Institution.

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