Please add Windows Hello or Biometric Sign in support for Desktop Logins

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Think it would be great if Quicken could add support for using biometric or windows hello options for quicken as an alternative to providing our passwords. I know the mobile platform supports it but would be great if could make use of the same approach from my desktop or laptops.

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    Isn't your laptop / desktop secure enough with the Windows - provided user account and password and an inactivity timeout?

    Do you leave your laptop unattended and open for long periods of time during which an unauthorized person could access your laptop and make unwanted changes?
    Or a cat rests on the keybaord? Or a three-year old just discovered how to move icons around on the desktop view? Pressing the Win - key plus "L" locks the system real quick.

    If other users are authorized to use your laptop but not your Quicken data file, these users should have their own restricted Windows user account and password.