Citi Card - online balance doesn't match Register balance

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Citi Card online balance doesn't match ledger balance


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    1. There's a pending transaction. Its amount has already been deducted from the Online Balance but the transaction itself has not been downloaded yet. (IMHO, the bank shouldn't do that if that were the case)
    2. You are missing a transaction in your register or you have duplicates or you have an incorrect amount. Manually reconcile your account and compare with the paper statement.
    3. If you are syncing your data file to the web, a recent re-sync my have messed up the account register's Opening Balance transaction or added duplicate transactions to the register. Locate and correct the Opening Balance transaction to what it should be. Duplicate transactions should show as "uncleared" (blank in the Clr column) and need to be deleted.
      Stop Sync if that's what caused your problem (until the programmers can fix that issue)

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    This matter seems to have resolved itself and is no longer an issue.

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