28Jun2023-Discover Card reconcile paper statement not working; again this month


Premiere R50.15… 2nd month in a row. Got paper statement and from Discover Card and entered ending date per statement of 6/25… reconcile kept showing "posted" but not cleared items as check marked in Windows Cntr-R pane.

Even after I changed dates on all 3 translations in my register to be > 6/25… Quicken failed to properly NOT show them in reconcile… I had to manually uncheck…. which reconciled to $0.00. And save…. backup the file… then go into Discover Card register to manually show they as "c"…. = cleared.

I give up trying to open a ticket with support and posting here so some expert can open a ticket or make sure this is already an open ticket.

Quicken User since 1992… lived through installing via 3.5-inch diskettes… to CDs… then to DVD… and now Cloud based computing… most disappointed since January this year.

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