Can anyone connect a Capital One credit card account?

TedHoward Member ✭✭

I have a Capital One SavorOne credit card. I can login into the website. When I try to add the account in Quicken, it successfully opens the Capital One login page. If I enter the correct username/password it accepts it, reports no error, and takes me back to the login page. If I enter an incorrect username/password it corrects reports that it is incorrect. Logging in to the website before trying to connect does not change anything.

Does this work for anyone?


  • TedHoward
    TedHoward Member ✭✭

    I just solved my own problem. I used a tool called Fiddler to capture the initial webpage url. I then opened an InPrivate Edge browser window to ensure that I had no cookies or any other history related to capital one. I pasted the url from Fiddler into the private browser window. I logged in, and it worked!

    Hopefully this may help others who have this problem

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