Macbook died with Quicken on it - Now what ? (edit)

Catherine M
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My Macbook Pro (2017) died last week. I had Quicken on it. Is that data backed up to the cloud like everything else? I have no idea what version I was running, I can't turn on the computer to find out.



  • RickO
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    If you had Sync turned on, then there is data in the Quicken cloud. But unfortunately, that data cannot be used to restore your desktop Quicken database.

    You say "backed up in the cloud like everything else". Well, not everything is backed up in the cloud, unless you specifically set up some kind of cloud backup for your entire computer. Some programs (eg. server based email, iCloud Photos, etc) have their data mirrored in the cloud. But certainly not all programs do (eg. Turbotax, Photoshop). Quicken is in the latter category.

    Pretty much your only hope is if you have some non-Quicken backup running, either on a local drive (eg macOS Time Machine) or a cloud backup of some kind. Unfortunately (again), macOS iCloud Drive does not by default sync the location that Quicken, by default, stores the database. Therefore that's not likely to be of help even if you had it enabled.

    Depending on the nature of how your MBP died, it may be possible to recover data from it. For example, if it was the logic board or power supply that died, the hard drive may be recoverable. If the hard drive (spinning platter type) died, it would be very unlikely to be recoverable, at least without great expense. Certain failure modes of the MBP might allow you to connect to it in target disc mode to pull data off it (but again, unlikely).

    If you don't have any external backups available, I think I'd start with the Apple Store or Apple Support to see what they would advise as far as trying to retrieve data from the dead computer.

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  • wavesof13
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    As long as it was not a hard drive problem, you can take it out and put it in another machine.

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