Tangerine Bank - missing transactions

ajpenn42 Member

Accounts set up using quicken quick connect, most of the month of June transactions are not recorded. Online balance is correct. Cannot change from quick connect to individual downloads. Any thoughts?


  • Gilles9
    Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta

    I had problems with Tangerine Credit cards, transactions were not downloading, I always had to make the entries myself

    I contacted Tangerine, by letter, and I never got an answer

    so I moved away from that credit card, I am using other credit cards with better return

    However, the bank accounts do work correctly with Quicken Connect

    Tangerine customer service is awful ( two letters sent to them for different problems over the last year, NEVER got an answer by phone or letter ), but Tangerine has no transaction fees and good temporary offers for Saving accounts, this is the only reason I remain in business with them….for now

    I do not believe it is a Quicken problem, I really think it is Tangerine and I also believe they do not really care

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