Properly linking a replacement credit card to an old account

B Harven
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I have searched for solutions in the discussions. They seem to say I should deactivate online services for the old account, and then use Add Account to activate the new card. Then select Link to an existing account. But I don't have the existing account showing up in the selection list.

I am using EWC method for online updates. (It seems to be the default for the financial institution). There are no error messages since I can create the new account as a standing account. But I want all previous transactions to fall under the new credit card account number.

In this case, the two institutions I am dealing with are Shop Your Way MC, and Patelco Credit Union Rewards MC.

Thank you.


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    Some of the discussions you may have read recommend that, after deactivation, you go into Edit Account Details on the credit card register and blank out the fields Financial Institution, Account Number and Customer ID. Save the changes, stop and restart Quicken, select the Add Account process and it should work.

    Alternatively, there's nothing bad with keeping the old account around for the transaction history and using the new account for all the new transactions since the new card was issued.
    If you're downloading, delete anything downloaded into the new register dated before the cutover date. Also transfer the old account's closing balance to the new account register as the opening balance.
    Don't forget to redirect any scheduled reminders still pointing to the old register.

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