Allocation and Portfolio Value vs Cost Basis are Wonky.

MWB! Member

Hi, Because I got such awesome help earlier, I thought I would ask advice for a quirk that has been ongoing for a year or more and is pretty frustrating.

In the Investment tab, under Allocation by Security, the initial view is accurate. However, if I drill down and click on the graph, it shows that I have trillions of dollars in each security - many that I no longer own.

Ditto on the Performance tab under Portfolio Value vs Cost Basis; the initial view and amount graph is ok. However, when I click on it for a more detailed view, it also shows that I have trillions of dollars in various securities, many of which I know longer own.

While I wish I did have crazy-money like that, this has just started a year or so ago and I am not able to figure out how to fix it.

Thank you!

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