Multiple Businesses in Quicken H&B


Can I have two businesses setup in Quicken H&B? With each having their own logo for invoices, etc?


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    Yes, it's possible to have more than business defined. Go into Business tab / Business Tools / Manage Business Information to start the process.

    To have separate invoice layouts go into Design Invoice Forms. You need to have two customized invoice layouts defined, each with an appropriate name other than "Invoice Default".
    When creating new invoices using the New Customer Invoice dialog, select both the Invoice Layout you want to use for this invoice and the Business Tag. These fields are in the upper right hand corner of the new invoice dialog.

    P.S.: When customizing invoice layouts, do not remove fields QTY and RATE from the layout, even if you are never really going to need them because all you need is Amount. Without these fields present and filled in, some invoice functions will not work correctly.

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