Biller Requires a Payment Date of Today or Earlier

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Today's Date: 07/06/2023

I have several QuickPay Bills that will not allow me to schedule a payment beyond today. I've attached a screen shot for my Sams Club Mastercard. Note in the attached screen shot the bill has arrived in Quicken for $151.85 and is due July 19. For simplicity's sake, I tried to schedule a QuickPay for tomorrow 07/07/2023 and I receive a message "Biller requires a date of 07/06/2023 or earlier". Currently this is occurring for my Sams Club, JCPenney, CareCredit & for the first time in 2 years, my Wells Fargo Mortgage. My work around has been to go to each biller's website where I schedule my payment. However, this is getting tiring. Other accounts have been affected in the past but currently those have a zero balance so no payment is due at this time.

Anyone else experiencing this issue or have a solution?

Thank you

— Howard


  • Billcomb
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    Yes I am having the same issue (AGAIN) with several of my bills.

    This happens on a random cycle now (never the software though lol)

  • UKR
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    Looks to me like the Quick Pay interface with these billers only allows for making immediate payments (and not for scheduling future dated payments).

    Recommend you do the same as @HJR mentioned, but take it a step further: Schedule not just the next payment but also all future payments at the biller's website to automatically occur on the Due Date every month. Let the biller's computers do all the work for you and save you the work of submitting individual payments each month. The only thing left to do is recording a scheduled reminder in Quicken whenever the next new statement becomes available.

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