Have to save before PDF attachments lately - ANOYING!!

Jerry2020 Member

Windows Subscription, Version R50.16 Build

Running Windows 10. Storing with 100's of G on local drive.

About 2 updates or so ago, I have been unable to add PDFs unless I save the transaction first. There are a few scenarios (below)where this is happening. I have done the super verification and that fixed it, but then it starts happening again.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating. I have reported it via the program to no avail. PLEASE FIX.

Scenario 1 : Download bank transactions. Click on a transaction from the acceptance window. go into the transaction and add pdf. PDF appears. Click Done. VOILA! transaction is gone from the register, returned to the acceptance window and when brought up again, PDF is not there nor is any categorization that was done (if any).

Scenario 2: Enter a transaction Date, Payee, then Amount. Click to add the PDF. PDF appears. Click Done. VOILA! GONE AGAIN!!!!!

Please fix this. SOON


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