Ticker Symbols for callable notes not found - like “ JHN16969 “

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I have set up a number of investments to monitor in Quicken Canada Edition. Most of them are updated automatically but I have a few that I have to update manually and it's rather time-consuming. Not sure if Quicken does not have a data source for these funds or if something else is up.

I've tried copying my data file to a new one, doing a validate and super validate, but nothing. When I look up the symbols nothing is returned.

The symbols in question are:


Right now I am going to www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/markets/funds/ and entering the symbol above with .CF/performance at the end to get the fund history. Then manually entering the cost data.

There is an option to export but no option to import into Quicken.

I've tried changing the Type and the Exchange to Mutual Fund, but that does nothing. Wondering if this is an oversight in the Canadian Edition, or if there is a missing data feed for this data.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as manual data entry is rather painful.


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    just reading along …


    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Quicken provides data for ETFs, mutual funds and stocks. Those JHN codes appear to refer to a different type of security. The RBF481 does appear to be missing and I have no explanation why that would be. I have similar RBC MFs that are present. That issue should be directed to Quicken Support.

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