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JackP Member ✭✭

Why does Venmo request 2 Factor authorization EVERY time I download transactions?


  • UKR
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    I would hazard a guess that this is how Venmo implemented this procedure, for security reasons.

    Have you tried to disable 2FA? That'll get rid of the prompt, but will be a little less secure.

  • ksrothschild
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    This is a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!

    I understand the 2FA procedure, but coming from my own secured Quicken environment, Venmo should give a little flexibility.

  • JackP
    JackP Member ✭✭

    I was actually able to communicate with a Venmo tech support person. They said that Venmo is aware of the issue however they have no plans to integrate 2FA processing with Quicken in the same way all the other banks have. Since I rarely use Venmo, I just exclude it from the download process until I know there have been transactions to record in Quicken. There is no way to “turn off” 2FA within Venmo.

  • Mark1104
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    @ksrothschild - welcome to the new word of "security". FIs are much more concerned with who is downloading transactions and accessing their servers than years ago, Hence 2FA and EWC+ become tools to mitigate against fraud.

  • KJTemplin
    KJTemplin Member, Mac Beta Beta

    I have this same issue (authentication each time) with down loading Venmo transactions on both QWin and QMac. In my correspondence with Venmo, they said the following:

    “Based on the information you provided about needing to authenticate quicken every time, it sounds like the Venmo data is not being stored in Quicken's internal system, keeping each log in as a separate attempt. 
    For this situation, I would encourage reaching out to Quicken's support team for further information on what may be causing this to happen and if they have a solution to prevent this from occurring”.

    If this is the case, then my question is, can Quicken engineers fix this issue without integrating with Venmo?


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