RtnCapX Not Functioning Anymore

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As some of my investments have spun off other companies, I've used RtnCapX to reduce the cost basis of the originating security. By recording the transaction back to the same account in the Transfer Account field, it would not impact the cash balance and the cost basis would be adjusted. For the new security, I would add shares and enter the cost basis and historic acquisition date.

This has served me well for years now. I tried entering the exact same type of transaction this week and now in the account on the enter transaction box for Return of Capital, the Transfer Account box is blocked and I can't enter anything.

A couple of key bits of info. I'm experiencing this problem when entering it in an IRA account. However, I have previously entered this type of transaction in other IRA accounts with no issue. And second, I was able to enter this exact same transaction in a brokerage account (same security owned in two different accounts).

I don't know what I'm missing. I've validated the file with no errors appearing. Any help would be geatly appreciated!

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