Renaming Payees

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I have realized over time, that a particular establishment has been downloaded with varied names (about 3 variances). In addition, I realized that I, myself, have also relabeled some of the payee names with a couple different names.

How can I step by step change the 4 or 5 payee names to a single name to enable ease of searching? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide! 🙂


  • imdcareys
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    You can use Edit > Find/Replace. Each time, Find one of the payee names that you want to replace. Select all of the results that you want to change. At the bottom, replace in the Payee field with the single name you want to use.

    Win 11 - Quicken Premier - v54.16

  • UKR
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    Also please review your Renaming Rules to ensure that whatever is downloaded is properly converted to the one standard Payee Name that you want.

    A review and cleanup of your Memorized Payee List might also be a good idea.

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