Accounts are continually being disconnected.


I have about 30 accounts that I (try to) download daily with one step update.

Over the past few months, accounts seem to be randomly disconnected. There is no error, but when I go to pay a bill, I realize that the account has not been downloading for weeks. I can generally do an account reset, but that turns one step update into a 10-minute process, or longer. This has happened with Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Discover, Schwab, and Amex.

For Schwab things are worse because when I try to reconnect the brokerage accounts, they are identified as credit card accounts that cannot be downloaded into brokerage accounts. I have 13 different accounts at Schwab and earlier this year I went through a 90-minute session with Quicken support to delete all the account connections and get them all reconnected. After a few months, 6 of them are broken, and 3 cannot be reconnected.

What can be done to stop this from happening? And calling support to go through the reconnect process again is not a solution - the problem is that they get disconnected and no one can identify why.


  • Mark1104
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    @fredspacific - are the accounts that randomly drop EWC+ connections? I suspect these issues are upstream from Quicken and are a function of the technology implemented by the FIs and the intermediary, Intuit, to deliver the transactions to Quicken and other firms that consume the transactions. If you were to call the Office of the President, I suspect they will say, it is a headache for them as well. It has been a bumpy ride.

  • Brad2
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    I've been experiencing many issues with sync accounts since last update to R50.16; Screenshot attached.

    Seems that everyday, a different account seems to have errors during the sync that requires re-activating…today it was Target.

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