Quicken is not picking Up the Dollar amounts for the SWGXX distributions

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In January @Reed Welch Member posted the following "I have over 15 Schwab accounts, that use SWGXX as the cash sweep fund. Every time a dividend is paid, the download shows an entry with $0, which is incorrect, and I need to go to the Schwab site, view the amount and make a manual entry to maintain a reconciled balance.
Any idea on how to fix this? This has been ongoing. Tagged: 

The post was closed but never resolved.

I had reported the same problem late last year. Basically, SWGXX is a Schwab Govt. fund used as a sweep in some accounts. I reported at the time that every month when I downloaded from Schwab the transaction would post with no dollar amount.

Then in December 2022 the transactions downloaded correctly with the dollar amount. I assumed the problem was solved.

However starting in January of 2023 the problem popped up again and has remained every month since.

My work around is to manually post the dollar amount when reconciling the end of month statement. (Note, As I stated earlier the entry is in the register, but the dollar amount is missing.)

Every other distribution from Schwab and their other sweep products appear to work correctly.

As far as I can see this is the one lagging problem with the change in the Schwab interface that took place a while back.


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    I have discussed this issue with Tech Support at Schwab and they indicate they are transmitting the dollar amount to Quicken and that Quicken is failing to pick it up.

    This seems odd to me as all other transactions are picking up - but bottom line this is classic case of the user (customer) not being able to address the problem and the companies providing services (for fees) to that user pointing at each other as to the source of the problem.

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