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Can anyone shed any light on why QHI is no longer supported? Managing assets seems a pretty basic part of personal financial management. So, I have to wonder why I'm paying a premium for Premier when I can no longer manage my personal property.

That being said, anyone out there have any workarounds that would enable me to restore this functionality on Widows 11 machines?

Ideas/suggestions/insights much appreciated.


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    There are 2 different inventory programs. This is for the embedded Home Inventory. Not the separate Home Inventory Manager which was discontinued years ago. If you have the .idb file that is the embedded one.

    How to install Home Inventory & Emergency Records Organizer


    You have to first install the Inventory program so you have to find the install file and double click on it. The install file is QuickenHomeInventory.exe (and you should also have EmergencyRecordsOrganizer.exe). I have Quicken 2013 and when I moved Quicken to my new HP Desktop 64bit with Windows 8.1 - I found inventory in C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken folder. After it was installed, I went back and found the actual program "QHI.exe" in the programs folder and I right clicked on it and sent a shortcut to my Desktop. The data file ends in .IDB. It should be in My Documents (or just Documents) in the Quicken folder. Or search for it.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. But I'm not understanding why I have to install QHI when it's already installed. (It's a button on my icon bar.) I depend on Quicken for my total financial management and have a great concern about corrupting or otherwise screwing up years of personal financial records by installing something I think I already have.

    Or am I just being overcautious?

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