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I’m looking at upgrading my Premier file to Home & Business. Yes I looked at the comparison chart, but that doesn’t really help. And I wanted to hear from anyone who’s done this. Are there any features I will lose? Is there anything that won’t convert well, or change the way it’s treated, accessed or displayed? Just trying to get an idea what the "gotcha’s" might be. I will of course make a backup so I can go back to Premier.


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    Nothing will be lost. You will get more features. Even if you downgraded to Premier from Home & Business you won't lose any transactions, just some business reports. Changing the version doesn't affect your data. It just turns on or off the extra features. You only can lose things by going from Windows to Mac or visa versa.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    As mentioned - Quicken uses the exact same QDF data file -
    and merely enables some added reporting and other housekeeping, bookkeeping, and tax related features.

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    After upgrading your feature level using your account at and activating the new features on your desktop/laptop …
    To set up your personal and business bank accounts in Quicken, to get started with setting up a small business start reading here:

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