Investment account is way off - best way to fix?

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I have a synced Fidelity account that shows big discrepancies between Quicken and the real data (both in terms of cash and other holdings), going back a few years. It seems like it would be a lot of work to manually go through every Fidelity transaction and every Quicken transaction and try to figure out where things diverged. I have no idea when the problem started — I haven't been doing anything special, just regularly syncing my accounts to download new transactions. I could delete the account in Quicken and re-sync from scratch, but (1) I'm not sure that would go back to the beginning of time and (2) I would then lose all the transfers from other accounts to/from Fidelity.

Is there a best practice for how to reconcile acounts that get off like this? Something that won't take hours of manual review?

Thanks for any pointers.


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    check the Opening Balance - Quicken has randomly changed those beginning entries -

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    No opening balance on this account.

    I suspect what might have happened is something got screwed up at some point when some securities moved from one Fidelity account to another. It doesn't seem like Quicken deals with share "transfer" very well. But it's not obvious where the error(s) are.

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