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I recently added a new stock to my account. For some reason, this is the only one that will not update. Need help!


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    Hi @MJM Personal,

    Could you please provide some additional that will help us to help you?

    You said that you "added a new stock to my account". Can you tell us what type of account holds this new stock (i,e, a regular brokerage account, a retirement plan or type, or some other type of account)? Is this stock publicly traded on a stock exchange, if so can you provide the name? If not publicly traded, and/or if it is part of a retirement type plan, can you give us more information about it, like the name of the stock, ticker symbol, etc.? When you "added" this "new stock" did you add it to your "Security List" in Quicken?

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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  • MJM Personal
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    As requested … this is a regular brokerage account (C Schwab); publicly traded (Rent the Runway - RENT); yes it has been added to my security list. I have added numerous accounts over the years and have never had this problem. Thanks.

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