Incorrect Historical Data Related to my Fidelity IRA accounts

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Problem Statement:

Simply put, the problem I'm running into is inaccurate historical data being logged in Quicken (Mac) with respect to the overall financial status of my Fidelity SEP IRA and RollOver IRA. Quicken tells me that for March 2023, April 2023 and May 2023, I had about $9 million when in reality I had much much less. As a result, all my reports are being incorrectly generated. While I don't mind fantasizing about being a millionaire, it's not accurate at the moment.


  • Quicken Version: Version 7.1.2 (Build 701.49356.100)
  • Quicken Subscription: Home & Business
  • Recently updated to my current Quicken Version
  • Using Fidelity MFA
  • Connection currently is "Simple"
  • Tried "Simple" and "Detailed" both, with the same issue
  • Tried deleting the connection and redoing the connection. Same issue
  • Tried creating a new Quicken Account on my local machine. Same issue


  1. Has this been seen before? I cannot find the any precedent in Quicken Community.
  2. If this has been before, what's the root cause? And what's the fix?

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