Batch or Auto Accept Security Sales

essbeepee Member
edited August 2023 in Investing (Windows)

I own a Separately Managed Account (SMA) from Fidelity with hundreds of stocks/securities. These are imported into Quicken without any problems (buys/dividends/sales). The fund is fairly active so there are a lot of transactions - I can auto-accept all of the buys and dividends but the sale transactions need to be accepted 1 by 1 - in most cases specifying the lot of sale. My broker keeps track of the gains made on transactions, so I don't need Quicken to (so I don't care which method of gains is used by Quicken). So, if there are 50 sales transactions, it takes a while to click thru accepting them one by one. Is there a faster way to accept them all in batch? Or default all of the securities to average price method with a single command?


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