Bank of America download problems


I have three accounts at Bank of America: check, savings and credit card.

Until a couple of weeks ago Quicken was able to download transactions smoothly. Since then I am no longer able to download the credit card transactions (the other two are OK). What happens is that Quicken shows that the account is not setup for online downloads.

When I go through the process of activating online download: Bank of America asks to re-authorize sharing account info with Quicken, and then Quicken shows a screen which lets me link the account to the existing Quicken account. However, when all of this is done no download happens, and when I check in Quicken it tells me that the account is not setup online (even though I just went through the process of setting it up and everything seemed fine).

I have tried this multiple times to no avail. Any suggestions?


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    @Benjamin Friedlander I have the feeling that Amex account connections may have linked with the wrong accounts. I have several Amex accounts. When I went through the authorization process and got to the screen where it lists all the accounts found, one of my Amex accounts was linked to my Optum HSA account. "Optum HSA". I was able to re-link it to the correct Amex account on Quicken. If I hadn't noticed the incorrect connection, I might have had my Amex transactions download to my Optum HSA account. It would have been a mess to clean up.

    The other issue as you can see is that "Optum HSA-Cash" is in very faint font and easily missed.

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