Truist Bank transaction download misplaces check number

Duane Moyer
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When downloading new transactions from Truist bank the transactions have a blank check # field, but instead show the check # in the payee field. If that was the only problem it's not too bad, however, when Quicken tries to match the transaction to an existing line in Quicken, if it finds one with the same amount it calls it a match EVEN WHEN THE MATCHING LINE IN QUICKEN HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOADED & RECONCILED!!!

When this bogus match occurs you used to be able to edit the download to correct that situation, but now the only solution is to delete the downloaded transaction & manually create a new transaction by copying information from TRUIST while viewing the account online.


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Paper checks you write should be recorded in Quicken immediately as you write the check (and BEFORE you download transactions which might contain the cleared check). That gives you a register transaction with correct check number, payee name and category. No matter what information is downloaded from the bank, you already have a correct register transaction which the downloaded data cannot mess up.

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