CC-800 errors and the "fix it" never fixes it

mjonis Member ✭✭✭✭

So this happens on and off for me (no method as to when or why). My TrustCo Bank (local bank) randomly gets this. Citibank and Chase also randomly get this error. In all 3 cases, clicking the "fix it" button in the window will ask first: Did I close the account? No, I did not. So then it takes me to the next section and asks if I want to re-add to Quicken. Sure. It'll do its thing (all 3 banks have multiple accounts, BTW). It'll say it successfully re-added the accounts. But the error will persist. For Chase, I've had the issue where after several days, it will randomly go away. For TrustCo and Citibank (because I use those credit cards/etc. daily), after 3 days I give up and the only "fix" is to deactivate every single account (TrustCo it's 6 accounts and Citi it's 5) and then reactivate online and that'll fix it.

Until today. Yesterday out of the blue, Citibank gave me the error. Went through the usual "fix it" and it didn't fix it (big surprise). Deactivated everything and reactivated. Then it updated and all was happy. This morning after OSU? Yep. Citibank CC-800 again.

I'll probably end up opening a ticket and wasting several hours while we go through "the script" before they escalate to someone who knows anything, but I'm curious as to if anyone has ever had the "fix it" button actually fix the issue?

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