Paycheck errors on budget and budget reports

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This is a repeat/reopening of an old post. The bottom line is the problem still exists. I encountered it again while restoring a backup file and I was asked by the Quicken support rep to open this back up. The only way I was able to fix Problem #1 in the post below was deleting all of the pay checks for the year and re-enter them. I haven't tried to validate Problem #2, because I don't want to mess up what I just fixed. Additionally, as part of the paycheck-budget problem, when I click on category history (three bars) next to the paycheck name I get a mixed bag. I would expect that after I click on those 3 bars, that I would get a roll up of just those paycheck deposits. I have three paychecks listed. I get the expected result for the first paycheck listed, however the next two are blended with each other on each report, i.e., both paychecks are showing up in the same report. The Quicken support rep says it happens to her as well.


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    Ugh, I had that issue a while ago and just stopped using the Budget all together. Quicken never has gotten it to work right (IMO) for several years. Unfortunate that they can't seem to nail down the bug/fix.

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